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The Progress in Los Valles

It seems that the groundwork around the region of Cabrera just keeps on rolling. In my latest video I’m traveling down a road that passes through Los Valles. Los Valles is an area that runs parallel to Loma Alta only at lower altitudes. As I’m narrating this video I can’t help but reminisce about some of the folks who’ve purchased in this area. Four to five years prior I can still remember listening to the rumors about expanding the infrastructure of the region and it would eventually include the area of Los Valles. While the coconut telegraph (telephone) works well at spreading the rumors and gossip it wasn’t until I heard it from the mouths of what are now our partners that I paid it any credence.

Their families own a lot of property in that area. Some of it going back as far as four generations, but perhaps even more important these families have a lot of pull. Several hold key positions and therefore are connected to the right people pulling the levers on developing the region’s infrastructure. Ride along with me and my good buddy Cole as we take a short trip that’s soon going to be a lot smoother. I’m pleased for our subscribers who’ve purchased parcels in the area and in general to see the progress in the entire region surrounding the quaint little town of Cabrera. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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