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Have the Food Price Gone Up at Playa Grande?

After saying goodbye to my latest visitors I wanted to chill out and order one of my favorite dishes at one of our local beaches. I just got done with back to back excursions and while I love every minute of it still it represents some long hours. It’s been a while since I’ve eating at the beach and I wanted to see for myself if the strong US Dollar represented some sizable upticks in the food prices. As you know when the dollar is strong and the Dominican peso is valued from it, it might cause prices to rise. It’s a fact that one of the best ways of curbing inflation is receiving US Dollars yet buying your items in Pesos. In a way it’s like evading the full impact of the nation’s inflation. It’s like hedging against inflation and it’s exactly what a forex trader lives for. Long ago I’ve learned to start thinking in net terms. At the end of the day it’s what’s left in the Levis that actually counts most. Anyways prices went up about a dollar fifty over the same time as last year. So here’s what I got for lunch. I had a serving of 14 nice sized garlic shrimp along with rice and beans and a Coke. The bill came out to thirteen dollars and change. Since the cost is totally subjective to the individual I’ll leave that up to those watching the video to determine value. Some might think it’s costly and others might think it’s a fair deal, either way they were locally caught non-farm raised shrimps and they were delicious… but then again that too is subjective. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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