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Sunday Morning Fireside Chat with Barry in DR.

Join me on a lazy afternoon where I change the direction for a bit and swing it over towards more of a fireside chat. Seems all we’ve been focusing on for the past while and rightfully so is the Coronavirus along with the lockdown. Sometimes a change is a refreshing thing.

The idea of the brief change of thought got started when I recently crossed paths with a longtime friend on WhatsApp. Whether it’s because of the lockdown or curiosity of what lies ahead maybe neither and people now have the time but a lot of folks have been reaching out since this lockdown began.

Since he’s Canadian soon into the conversation right after what’s become a ritual of first bashing Prime Minister Trudeau began talking about what is traditionally second, the weather. He followed in typical Canadian order and rapidly began talking about what a huge hit the Canadian Dollar had taken over the past year. If you’re truly Canadian the order is first Bash Trudeau, second the weather it’s always about the weather and third the damn weak Canadian dollar. In spite of what you’ve been led to believe hockey actually places in fourth.

My friend mentioned over the past ten years his retirement technically lost about 30% against the reserve. Continuing on he mentioned that their plans to retire have had to change. They never factored in a possible development like that ever taking place. Ouch! I thought and didn’t want to correct him it’s actually higher than that. However it brought back several memories that I share with you guys about an idea that I took so much flack for. Ten years later it’s a different stage.

It was great catching up with my friend. The idea of doing this video came out of having that conversation with him. Besides it was really great rekindling some old times.  Join me while reminiscing about some of the past ideas that to put it mildly rocked the boat a bit. Fast forwarding ten years to the present and I’m confident that the highest majority if given a second chance would have done it in a heartbeat.

I also touch on one or two things the Mentors have done over the past couple of months. Just doing what we can to get that small percentage that will learn to think on a higher frequency doing so. No you don’t have to be rich to live on a higher plane. You just have to adjust the frequencies a bit. The higher plane I assure you will follow. I’m just one person holding a screwdriver trying to help you tweak the adjustment. Change is not easy I know but stay the course. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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