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BitChute & Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD. Tells The Truth About Dr. Anthony Fauci

Hi Five Goes Out To All Subscribers

Last night Liane loaded up a video around 11:00 PM and by 2:00 AM the next morning it was already flagged inappropriate content and pulled. That’s only three hours! The search bots from YouTube are working overtime. In less than three hours of being aired our great subscribers have managed to chalk up over 8000 views! Hi five goes out to all subscribers!

Since you’re obviously doing your job we’ll continue doing ours. Liane uploaded a copy of the interview on BitChute here:


We’ve been watching them for a while now. We’ve also been noticing they seem way less intrusive to what is allowed to be aired. Since Liane, Johnny and I along with the other three mentors are all huge promoters of flexibility being a vital part to almost any plan it is with that in mind that I announce the following great news!

Something Feels Wrong has Launched its own BitChute channel!!!

Here is the link:  https://www.bitchute.com/channel/vt2S9Uv0mbP5/

Because of your support in distributing this vital information many more are at last beginning to see that Something Feels Wrong out there in the world. Sorry I just couldn’t resist the pun but when the Mentors selected it as our platform we all knew that the name would be more than a fitting one. We all hope you’ll want to be part of this so please help us reach more good people who are nothing more than scared. Well perhaps a bit ignorant but hey we’re all people right? Until next time, Barry in Dr.

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