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Why Something Feels Wrong

To really understand something is to be liberated from it.
“The ignorance of anyone affects the freedom of everyone” Mark Passio

It’s been just shy of seven years since my first discovery tour took place. During that time span between the meet and greets, the discovery tours, the thousands we’ve met along the way, good folks hailing from every part of the globe one thing still remains intact. One commonality still remains unchallenged. For as long as I can remember the core reason has been the same. No matter what language is being used they’re all essentially saying the same thing. Their all saying “Something Feels Wrong” and of course that’s how we came up with the site’s name. It’s because of listening to all of you. So out goes a big Thanks for that.

When comfortable in your environment it feels right inside but shows on the outside.

At first glance one might think that to be a foreboding name for a web site and YouTube channel, but it’s not. Everything in the physical realm is a dichotomy. It’s how you choose to perceive it. For example by nature do you tend to initially view things in a worse-case scenario jumping to conclusions or do you first take in the information process it through research then with a mixture of knowledge and intelligence form your answer. Since this in itself is subjective no one’s right or wrong. However still is an excellent piece of information for you to be aware of regarding yourself about your first reaction on how you tend to view things.

I often hear a lot regarding free will. One’s free will allows them to choose, however depending on how they choose will lead to what effects the future will hold. You can disregard natural law but you cannot bypass the effects of disregarding natural law. That is where you’ll find the limits of free will end. In other words you have the free will to choose but your free will cannot eliminate the future effects of your choice.

Why have I made it a point bringing this to your attention? To raise your level of awareness. Understanding the diversity of interpretation is wide. Life is not one size fits all. For many something feels wrong came in the form of climate. They wanted a milder climate to reside in. For others it came in the form of cost of living. These folks wanted to stretch a dollar a bit further. Several I’ve met didn’t like the direction their nation is heading in. For others something feels wrong was all about the invasion of privacy. The reasons are limitless it’s the message that remains the same. To all these people Something Feels Wrong!

This is why to a large degree you’re own interpretation will determine the sites frequencies. Since something feels wrong appeals to all reasons you’re the one that tilts it to the higher or lower, the lighter or the darker. I hope this goes a long ways in assisting you with how you initially view things from you own perspective. Know thyself first!

For anyone who really wants to understand “know thyself first” I can tell you with surety this will be the most difficult task you’ve ever attempted. Personally it took me over seven years of unlearning to accomplish an understanding of what natural law is. I am no longer in any of the boxes provided by the controllers. I am not a religionist nor am I an atheist. I support no political group. Actually I don’t support politics in general. I am a sovereign being. We all are just most have long since lost their sovereignty. The moment you choose any of these mind traps you’ve placed yourself in a box. When you place yourself in a box you’re being controlled, you’ve become a slave.

Just so I don’t forgot to mention it revealing truth will never make you popular. Humanities greatest fear is that truth is absolute. The ego doesn’t like that. The ego prefers to hear truth is subjective. Truth is objective, meaning that it is not based on the perceptions of human beings. The fact of the matter is truth by its very nature is belligerent, because it wages war against all forms of deception and mind control. Truth is that which does not waver. The sad reality is over time most of us have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs.

Natural law constitutes no one being has control over another. Remember when I mentioned that you can disregard natural law but you cannot bypass the effects of disregarding natural law. Well, just have a good look around you. Talk about something feels wrong. Much of our planet is in chaos and if we’re not part of the solution… you know the rest of it.

Perhaps this is why I attempt to open closed eyes. It’s not my personal opinion or any kind of belief. Truth does not require belief! If you understand the esoteric from the exoteric at that point is when I feel it becomes a moral obligation. When the WHY questions are being asked but cannot be sagaciously answered is when divide has taken its course. From there chaos is not far away.

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate to a large extent we’re a product of our surroundings. Perhaps that’s why we live where we live. Surrounded by nature, less stress and better quality food all play a part however there’s one quality that outranks them all. When something feels right instead of wrong you know you’re in the right environment. When inside deep down it just feels right that’s when you’re cooking with grease. Yes it really is that simple. It’s ourselves who tend to complicate things. Until next time, Barry in DR

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  • Gary May 2, 2018, 3:53 pm

    Hi Barry,
    If you’re always in a box then you’ll never think outside of the box.

    • Barry May 3, 2018, 7:54 pm

      Suppose that’s true however the vast majority don’t even realize that they’re in a box to begin with. Select one or as many as desired. Politics, organized religion, Scientology, New Age I could list dozens more. They all share one commonality. Those who BELIEVE, BELIEVE they’ve chosen correctly and everything else is wrong. Hum??? It’s little wonder why one of the key elements of what is Natural Law is Truth Requires No Belief. Truth never wavers and perhaps most difficult of all truth is OBJECTIVE!Boy the ego hate’s that one.

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