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UFO’s And Why There’s No Need To Fear Them

For those seeking answers I’d suggest you begin with researching the Sumerian culture. If you do a lot of things will begin to make sense. Sense of where we came from.

As a person who’s invests a large amount of their time studying the sciences and history it’s no surprise I’ve often been invited to voice my thoughts in what might be termed as a counterpoint discussion. As human beings we’re wired it’s in our DNA… we have an insatiable desire to know the unknown. Were you aware that most of our deepest held beliefs originate from the unknown? We need to know and when we don’t know we need to believe. Knowing and believing are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

If they actually do exist it’s only our ego’s telling us that they’d want to communicate with us.

As long as I can remember I’ve had a problem accepting belief. To me belief is just another way of saying I don’t know. I have faith I believe I’m a believer, many times you’ll hear such statements. All are various ways of saying I don’t know. When you know you don’t have belief you have surety! When you possess surety you no longer need to believe. You research the necessary information to form a hypothesis.

I consider myself privileged to have a large array of mentors in my life. Conceivably it’s because of my past travels that they live in various areas of the world. I like this because it provides me with a wide spectrum from which to gather data from. Another precious byproduct is because of these various viewpoints it allows me to remain open minded. To emphasize a point one particular group sticks out in my mind, the Rabbis.

In the past I’ve accepted several photo assignments that required travel to the Middle East. The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden make for some keen underwater photo opportunities. At least they did thirty years ago before pollution took its toll. While logging a fair amount of time in that part of the world I met some very intriguing people. Some I still communicate with decades later. That’s what rekindled my memory to the following.

Quite often before embarking into to what would begin as a quality discussion I noticed Rabbis often started off by mentioning something along the lines of “first I want to know what you know is 100% true. Second I want to know what is100% false and if time allows tell me what you believe.” In other words they want surety.    

All too often our opposing views elevated into what I would term as debate. When an open mind confronts a closed mind you can bet a full blown disagreement is never far behind. All religious views originate from a single perspective, a closed mind often engulfed by fear. In fact the word religion stems from the Latin word religare. Pick up a good Latin dictionary and you’ll find the word religare has several meanings. To tie back, to hold back, to bind fast preventing mobility from forward progress in other words to restrict one from moving forward… from what I’ve experienced it’s a near bulls eye description of what today’s organized structures have morphed into.

Because of their single point perspective it’s no wonder that so often their get out of jail trump card would sound something like this. Eventually I would often hear “because it is written” when suddenly finding themselves backed into a corner of the chess board. Because it is written is not an answer.

Perhaps the greatest surprise came when it was time for me to depart. Upon leaving I was expecting a swift kick in you know what however often this turned out to be a hardy embrace. Honestly a heartfelt gratitude was experienced and when asked WHY their answers never varied much. They would say a Rabbi loves to face a good challenge. As a Rabbi you get tired of others agreeing simply because you are the teacher of the faith. We like to be confronted sometimes even taught ourselves. Seems after all some of them understand the first step towards learning is unlearning.

This brings me to the subject of this post. UFO’s do they exist and if so why there’s no reason for us to fear them. It’s a two part question. The first part although I have my beliefs at this point in time surety is not yet possible. I recommend watching the documentary linked to this post. Pay careful attention look at the quality of the people speaking out. In the second part surety plays a big role. At one time or another many of us contemplate the subject of UFO’S. Is there intelligent life other than what we current know of? While I question the intelligence part when referencing “what we currently know of” never the less it is an intriguing thought.

Is there intelligent life out there?  If so they’d obviously be far superior in technology if visiting from other areas of the universe so what reason is there to fear them? How many of us walk around looking for ants to squash? How many are lining up to have a conversation with a worm? Try contemplating the above using your brain and not your ego.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Life On Other Planets!


Neil deGresse Tyson makes an excellent point when mentioning “maybe the 1% difference between us and a chimpanzee is not as great as we’d like to think” Think about it for a moment if 1% can mean the difference between math, science, speech and inventions like the Hubble telescope what would be if there were other life only that 1% was tilted in the opposite direction? What if there were other species possessing a 1% difference in their DNA makeup only in the opposite direction as we are compared to the chimpanzee?

Neil deGrasse Tyson UFO’s


We’d be blithering idiots compared to them! So other than our bloated ego’s feeding us the idea that they’d want to communicate, that they’d want to have a conversation with us really makes little sense. When was the last time you held a conversation with a chimpanzee? The same can be implied about them being a threat. If they had the technology to cross the cosmos our defenses would pose no threat.

Excellent Documentary

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Since the shift from BC to anno domini (AD) one step at a time science is doing an excellent job at filling in the “God of the gaps.” Two thousand and eighteen years later science has answered a lot of questions and I’m confident in the coming years one by one more will be answered. We are made up of the most common elements found in the universe and in the same order as they are found in the universe. According to science we’re made up of nothing special. More and more it seems the only thing that that makes us special is our own egos. Perhaps that’s why science and spiritually are merging in the same direction and at an alarming speed. Wishing you health and an open mind for 2018. Until next time.

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