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Taking a Look At The Big Picture

Sept 19 2018

Taking a Look At The Big Picture

Later on in life I learned what a grand facade is all is but never the less I feel privileged to have been able to personally experience such an era. We were blind to the big picture but at least there was a feeling of togetherness.

Taking a look from the macro perspective, viewing the big picture I want to demonstrate just how manipulated we currently are and perhaps always have been. As I often do I”ll bring up a little history during the post only this time it’s coming from a different angle. This time its recent history. By changing angles I hope it helps create additional clarity and further emphasizes my point.

A portion of you who are reading this post might not have been alive during the era we’re about to revisit, and since I didn’t want to leave anyone out there’s additional wording specifically meant for those who fall into that category. Once updated all age brackets should grasp the intended message, it will relay crystal clear.

Experiencing something live is worth an entire dictionary of words. Words cannot render the same intensity nothing compares to actual hands on experience. Personal experience has a compounding effect when it comes to the recipient absorbing the message. With that in mind let’s set the stage. We’re traveling back to the Peace, Love, Flower Power era of the 60’s and 70’s.

The Love generation the 70’s. Peace Love Happiness it was a completely opposite approach to today’s divide and conquer methods. Opposite approach for marketing the same product. War!

This section goes out to the younger folks who weren’t yet around. While I’m not trying to sound like anyone’s parent I remind you that’s not all that long ago. Fifty or sixty years in terms of history amounts to little more than the blink of an eye. Remember reading the above point. I’ll be bringing it up later.

After looking into the subject I was surprised to find out in actuality the flower power hippie era extended well into the late eighties. In fact if you look hard enough you’ll still find some reminisces lurking around even in today’s world. Their just older that’s all!  For the purpose of promoting a point about mind manipulation and its elusiveness let’s travel back to the past. But first let’s buy the world a home and furnish it with love. WATCH! 


For many of us watching that was a blast from the past. An exceptional promotion that proved successful, but here’s my point. Again for those too young to have experienced the Peace, Love Happiness era of the 70’s hang on I’ll be picking you up soon. I promise there’s an important message for the learning if your interested how you, the younger generation fit into this grand scheme of things.

During the “Love Generation” the 60’s and 70’s the illusion was to bring the world together. “To build a home and furnish it with love.” China, what is now modern Russia, the Mid East it didn’t matter where you came from the propaganda being fed was to provide the illusion of Love and togetherness. As usual the masses swallowed the hook almost in it’s entirely.

Medias were promoting Peace Love Happiness throughout the world, except it never happened. The 70’s the Love generation was a hoax. So what happened to us living in perfect harmony? Exact same thing that’s happening to us now, we were duped. The repetitive propaganda used in the Love Generation era kept the majority feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Not realizing the charade till much later on in life the fact remains we were fooled, most of us were clueless to what was really happening. By the way when I say most of us that includes me. Back then I was as clueless as the rest to what was really happening. Back then I too would have used the same old excuse of who knew?

Here’s what actually occurred while the world enjoyed their Cokes and furnished their homes with love. This is the reality of the so called Love generation 1947 – 1991 The Cold War, 1961 Cuba, 1961-1973 Vietnam War, 1965 Dominican Republic, 1982 Lebanon, 1983 Grenada, 1989 Panama 1991 Gulf War (Kuwait and Iraq) To quote a more modern cliche “I’m not feeling the love here”

This ought to clarify just how cagey these people are. How subtlety they play with both sides of our brain. They touch on the left side, the feminine as well as the right side the masculine. No emotions are ever left untouched. Back then they fictitiously brought us together for a predetermined outcome. Today they divide us apart for a predetermined outcome. Opposite methods with the same predetermined outcome. That outcome is war. Another example of why I often remark “nothing changes but the technology.”

This question goes out to all of you’s old enough to remember growing up during that era? Do you presently receive the same feelings inside as you did back then? Of course you don’t you’re not meant to, both are merely illusions… It’s the predetermined result that the illusionists were interested in and that’s WAR! It’s a text book definition of what the Hegelian dialectic is, problem, reaction solution again and again.

This is where I pick it back up for the younger readers. Those who were too young to have experienced that era.  Honestly it’s a shame you missed it. Was perhaps the best years of my life, but here’s the bottom line. You were born into your present reality. The elite don’t care they’re well aware of older generations passing on and what the next is born into is what becomes the new reality. They don’t need to be concerned about changing anything about you, they sit back and let it evolve naturally. We’re all born into our own ignorance. If an example is needed I’d say personal privacy makes for an excellent one.

The current trends are set to divide us rather than bring us together. Divide and conquer Identity politics these are the mentalities that have taken over. We all live in this self-created “with me or against me” environment. No longer can you have a difference of opinion without being considered an enemy. We’re seeing the damage caused by identity politics and fake news. We’ve totally disregarded any logical view of the situation we’re in. We’ve lost site of the fact that we’re all in this together mutually battling the same opponent. It’s not just about the divided states of America it’s about a divided planet and an even wider divided species. There’s a 180 degree shift in vision. So where’s this all leading? If we don’t wise up as always it’s leading to a predetermined destination, it’s leading to WAR!

If you grasp the above you now understand one of our biggest reasons for relocating to a small low density town called Cabrera. Food’s growing all around us and the stress factor is hardly present. If it doesn’t get done today then tomorrow is another day. That’s the norm for our town. Fast Internet in a slow motion atmosphere. Yea at first it was a bit of an adjustment getting used to, but we did. Can’t say what’s right for anybody else, but I can say for us relocating to a place that seems thirty plus years behind in friction compared to what’s currently appearing in most other nations was a good move. The research paid off. Being in my sixties turning the stress clock back about thirty years makes for some sensible numbers. For us the equation had balanced out perfectly. Until next time.

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