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Paving the Way for a Better Region – The Paving Projects Are Done

IT’S A DONE DEAL!!!The entire region spanning from Loma Alta back to the main highway has been completed.  I made a statement about two and a half weeks ago that the remainder of the asphalting spanning from the Montaña y Mar project through to the main highway would be completed before the Holidays. Currently the entire region has been converted into smooth asphalt so a compact car would have no trouble navigating through all its points. In total it’s was near a 46 KM project.

This goes out to the folks reading this who also share my passion of Off-roading, fear not. There’s still hundreds of excellent trails all throughout the country. However make no mistake about it and I’ve got over three decades of experience backing me up when I say that this WILL BE A GAME CHANGER! Several past visitors have already gotten in contact wanting a second visit to preview these newly developed areas. If you want to just get in touch. I’d love to personally show our past visitors all the positive changes, and as for the first timers well? Let’s just say you’ll be blown away by what you’ll be seeing!

I want to give credit to the ones who really deserve it, our partners and their families. It’s been in excess of one year that we knew this whole region was next in line to be completed. That’s why we’ve been favoring it to all of our subscribers. We were informed this would be done well in advance of much older paving project like Media Gorra and Naranjito, only now you know how we knew? The cat’s out of the bag.

You see as for Johnny and myself we’re nobody special, however as for our business partners we’ll let’s just say that they are. When you own the heavy equipment that it takes to complete such projects PLUS you also own the caliche mine and are willing to DONATE all the underlaying material required to complete the project, it’s a no-brainer the red tape is going to be eliminated and the legal papers get pushed to the top of the heap. It’s the same for any country. Many times it’s not what you know it’s who you know.  Bottom line it’s our partners. John and I are both just cogs in a much bigger machine. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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