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For Sale 21 Acres Finca (Farm Land) only 6.2 Miles from Cabrera

We recently acquired a very appealing property that measures slightly shy of 21 acres. It’s located just 10 KM’s or 6.2 miles from the center of Cabrera. Good roads plenty of water in fact there’s a finger brook that runs parallel within the property. Rolling hills with a gentle grade makes the deep soil easy to acquire its highest and best use.

This land would make an excellent property for developing a large country styled villa. Properly designed , this villa would incorporate a 360 degree under truss deck to capture the vast ocean and landscape views.

There’s ample of space to integrate your very own residual income. Properly done a respectable residual income could easily be earned by some light to medium farming. This grassy land is ideal for growing local fruits and vegetables and even more profitable if used for raising cattle.

For any additional information about this or any other of our properties be sure to check out the www.dominicanrepublicrealestate.org Website. For now it’s off to our next destination. Until next time, this is Barry in DR.

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