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Chaos Derives In Many Forms

What you think you see is often not what you think you see. Open your mind and your eyes will follow. YES IT WORKS IN THAT ORDER!

Chaos derives in many forms. Some methods promote fear while others promote moral activities. Two prime examples of the latter might be bravery or the un-relinquishing desire to be of service to humanity. The later perhaps being one of the highest frequencies humans can achieve. When whitnessing acts of kindness whether live or on TV affects us all in varying degrees. Somehow we all get the warm and fuzzies, and why not? We’re wired for it.

Expand your horizon begin to recognize truth. We’ve all been deceived, and we have been for most of our lives. YOU’VE GOT TO KNOW THE TRUTH BEFORE THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE!

It’s recently that science proved beyond any reasonable doubt that a person merely witnessing an act of kindness has his or her serotonin level raised an equal amount as either the giver or receiver of that act of kindness.  Is it any real wonder why we’re all taken in by it? You know it I know it perhaps more importantly is they know it.

Who are they? Who are the ones behind the scenes tugging at our wired nature? It’s the very same groups who are causing the deceptions to begin with. Create the chaos and then come about in a 360 and offer the solution. It’s a steadfast plan that been in place since ancient times and it still works today. Like I mentioned earlier chaos comes in several forms but all these forms share one thing in common. All are designed to create fear, panic and confusion.

To gain a better grasp of how deep the deception goes, the corruption I urge you to take a few minutes and watch this recently released YouTube done by the Corbett Report. Notice the quality of the recording. Look who’s appearing in it, the names. It’s a quick determination that there’s some serious funding involved in creating this production. Who’s paying for it? Notice where the money path eventually leads and last but not least open you mind. After all we’re the ones who are eventually footing the bill.

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Through taxation we’re paying for this facade hell we’re paying for all of them! The price we sold ourselves for doesn’t represent the total cost. If you’re not sure what’s meant in the previous sentence the loss of personal freedom is one of several examples I could provide. Because no one ever attached a dollar value to it few see it as an actual loss. Yet it still remains one of our costliest.

Did I not mention that these people were a lot of things but dumb wasn’t one of them? By mastering the art of deception these people are actually getting us to pay for our own demise while at the same time we’re paying them tremendous salaries for doing it. Once you comprehend the direction this is all heading, then go back and ask yourself who’s the dumb one? You’ll have three of your four fingers point back in your general direction.

But you see chaos by its very nature promotes confusion!  Confusion so often leads to fear which undoubtedly morphs into PANIC! Whether it’s tugging at your heart-strings (like the video I asked you to watch) or amplifying your fears both methods will ultimately promote confusion. That’s the end goal to cause confusion. A bit later the same people come back around only this time their offering the solution.

Begin to better understand the dangers of a misinformed public and you’ll better understand why I say it’s the most dangerous weapon any nation can ever have. Until Next time this is Barry in DR.

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