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America’s Long History Of War Part 1

Mark Passio. To get to know him get reacquainted with the truth.

Mark Passio. Get to know him and get reacquainted with the truth.

Before entering into the main focus of this post I believe it’s imperative that I introduce you to Mark Passio. For those of you not familiar with Mark Passio I strongly suggest that you become aware of who he is and of his outstanding contribution to humanity. If you want an acute learning experience of today’s environment I don’t think there’s a superior lecturer anywhere in the world.

How many of us know the difference between ignorance and nescience? For that matter how many actually know the difference between violence and force? They’re very different almost opposites and to better understand where we currently stand in today’s world you need to know these differences. In order to fully grasp the impact of what follows it’s vital that you take a few minutes and watch Passio explain the differences between nescience and as he likes to pronounce it IG-NOR-ANCE. The second short tube Passio deals with describing the variances among force and violence as you’ll soon find out they’re completely different.

You can find Mark Passio at www.whatonearthishappening.com and there’s months of additional wisdom that can be obtained on the Mark Passio YouTube channel. In the sea of abyss Passio is nothing short of a bright beaconed lighthouse.


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It’s a fact that in order for any seed to grow it must first rot and the seed of silence has finally begun to decompose. For decades while the oblivious citizens of the world were preoccupied humming kumbayah my lord (come by here my lord) these seeds were invisibly rotting underground. Out of the public’s lethargic eyes these seeds were growing roots, deep strong roots. This decade’s long encounter began to form what I like to deem the roots of corruption. Make no mistake about it these seeds are toxic and if ingested are highly poisonous.

Obeying orders without first asking why the blame clearly first rests on the followers although the giver is running a close second. Everything is determined by the wielder.

Obeying orders without first asking why the blame clearly first rests on the followers although the giver is running a close second. Everything is determined by the wielder.

Most of us can imagine how deeply imbedded a root system will become over several decades of growth (corruption). Tangling intertwining with each other gaining strength deeper and deeper they penetrate our brain injecting their toxins of misinformation. Another interesting fact is these seeds seem to have a mind of their own. They possess some sort of built in defense mechanism that won’t let them risk being destroyed. They won’t break the surface exposing themselves to public view until they are absolutely certain once exposed no opposing force will be able to destroy them.

Media control is one just one seed of many possessing deep roots. After all altering history is rather easy when your citizens are on their third or fourth verse of kumbayah. I’m going to attempt uprooting one of the deepest roots of corruption America’s long history of war.

America’s long history of war has in one way or another been caused by false flag events. Most of these events were artificially staged making it appear as if the nation was being forced into war thus lacking any other viable option. America’s war history consists of several thespian events strategically duping the uninformed masses into believing and therefore not knowing.

America is a nation whose war history is deeply rooted by a series of fictional plays that would make Shakespeare cringe with envy. The stage is set cleverly placing the props convincing the masses it’s all being done in the name of that almighty noun, Freedom! Whether you know it or not and the root source (pun intended) prefers that you don’t you’ve been fighting killing maiming and dying for nothing more than a noun.

Ask yourself why is it always your children never theirs that comes back lying dead beneath these shards of colored cloth? We're all to blame if we continue to blindly support these false flag wars.

Ask yourself why is it always your children never theirs that comes back lying dead beneath these shards of colored cloth? We’re all to blame if we continue to blindly support these false flag wars.

For many the above will undoubtedly be hard to accept. I can understand that. Americans along with all other nationalities have pride hosting many brave people. Regardless of that fact thought originating from the heart without first going through the head is dangerous. Again I know for some this is hard to digest but that doesn’t make it any less true. It’s the reason that I ask you to first watch the Mark Passio videos. I’d hope these videos would have provided you the courage you’ll need to continue down this reeking rabbit hole and start asking those WHY questions. If you can’t then you’ll never be more than an order taker and it’s always going to be your children dying not theirs. You know the patriotic elected leaders whose children never seem to be out there on the front lines next to yours.

There are four primordial fears that we as humans possess. They are fear of darkness, fear of predators, fear of abandonment and the fear of chaos. Since Vietnam more post war veterans have died from suicide than in conflict averaging 24 suicides per day 7 days a week. Whether these suicides originated from a lack of love, lack of medical care or even wrong diagnoses is of a secondary importance. They ALL first commenced with a hefty dose of ABANDONMENT! Once again brought to you by your patriotic elected leaders.

In part two of this post I’ve intentionally selected a series of SHORT YouTubes to illustrate my points but anyone in possession of the slightest constituent of doubt needn’t worry. There’s months of information available about each event mentioned in the entire post. Just a friendly aide-mémoire from Passio nescience holds no blame but ignorance is quite another story. The information is out there and readily available for those who have the courage to seek the truth.

In part two I’ll be commencing at the time of the Spanish-American war. I purposely I left out the American Revolutionary War. I wanted to bring up a few key points prior and include them in this first post. To seriously approach the subject of past wars in American history you’ll have to start asking yourself a few key questions and that for many will be uncomfortable. Let’s keep digging a bit deeper and see if we can come to the tip of this root by reviewing what started the revolutionary war on April 19th 1775. After pondering the bold text below you’ll begin to grasp a better understanding of the similarities we’re facing today and it’s for this very reason I’ve always said “nothing changes but the technology.”

The American Revolution began April 19th 1775. At the time America was merely a group of 13 North American Colonies. These colonies were being taxed unfairly (taxation without representation) so they banded together and decided enough was enough. They wanted out of the British Empire (think of Brexit). They began promoting these taxes as unconstitutional.

Much the same as in today’s world without organization and funding their grumbles fell on deaf ears. They began to boycott paying these taxes so Great Britain reacted with threats followed by sanctions against the colonies (Think Russia- US Sanctions). The colonies began banding together and organizing that’s when they retaliated by destroying a shipment of tea (Boston Tea Party). The British responded by attempting to seize the American colonies guns, ammunition and powder (Think today 2nd Amendment). And so the battle began on April 19th 1775 hostilities concluded eight years later on September 3rd 1783.

The defeat at Yorktown finally turned the British Parliament against the war, and in early 1782 they voted to end offensive operations in what eventually became North America. As always what is consistent with revolutions and war other countries either willingly or unwillingly get dragged into the conflict (Do I even need to list currently how many). The war against France and Spain continued, with the British defeating the Great Siege of Gibraltar, and inflicting several defeats on the French in 1782.

In 1783, the Treaty of Paris ended the war and recognized the (SOVEREIGNTY) of the United States. Review the areas in parentheses Taxation, Brexit, Unconstitutional, Sanctions, Right to bear arms, other countries being dragged into conflict and Sovereignty. So what’s changed over hundreds of years except the technology?

Since America seems to be running out of nations who seemingly want to destroy them once again the technology had to be changed. The think tank (I’m not using that term sarcastically) had to invent a new threat a new enemy. So now we’re at war fighting the newly created high tech enemy. The newly crowned heavy weight foe is terrorism. An invisible undefeatable self-created enemy designed to keep the manufactures of war profitable, profitable for ever unless we begin to smarten up.

Since a few more are starting to recognize that something feels wrong (couldn’t resist) and most of the pawns have already been exhausted we now proceed antagonizing the more powerful pieces on the chess board. Hello Russia and China! All of a sudden it’s Russia and China that’s after the American way. While America falsely portrays Russia as the aggressor once again the hoax is being replayed. America has transplanted itself over in the Baltic and in Crimea not the other way around. Again the masses refuse to acknowledge the obvious but this time be careful, very careful.

Ask yourself how can Russia possibly be the aggressor with only two small military bases located on the fringe of its own boarders while the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad? Just in case anyone’s wondering yes I’m deducting the recently closed bases in Iraq and Afghanistan when I use that figure of 800 bases.

You really think all those bases are necessary simply to protect that almighty advertised noun chosen as the poster child of the western nation. Freedom! What freedom is that? Somehow I can’t help but still hear that faint humming in the back ground. Kumbayah my lord Kumbayah.

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  • Gary Jul 9, 2016, 6:08 pm

    Since, at least to an international audience, the terrorism card is not effective anymore (US exposed as ISIS enabling in Syria) they’re going back to an oldie but goodie; Russia as #1 enemy. But in the long run they may fool the American people but not the international people. The internet is exposing more and more the games the US ruling elite is playing.

    Please when you watch the videos on this site hit the subscribe button. This is a great site and deserves our support.

    • Barry Jul 10, 2016, 9:11 pm

      Thanks Gary, We’re hoping our more serious readers from DR Escapes will subscribe to the site and YouTube channel. Bernie and the Donald were those last two pieces of the puzzle. From here on in the violence begins to escalate. The people are being divided then sub-divided and still for the most part not even being aware of it. Pick your box politics, science, religion or the newest kid on the block the new age movement. Just pick one, They don’t care which one or two you choose they own them all. People’s misguided view of of being free is the fact that it’s them that gets to choose which box they place themselves in. That’s it the lid closes and they think they’re free. Clever these controllers are. Very clever.

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