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7/5/2019 The Progress Continues in Media Gorra

As an ongoing effort to keep our subscribers in the know about what’s taking place around Cabrera, I follow up on a tip received from my partner Johnny. While Johnny was previewing a piece of land (apparently it’s been a while since he’s headed out in that direction) I received a text explaining that the road from Media Gorra has been leveled and packed. In other words another paving project is about to commence.

While these country back roads seen a bit narrow, remember that these roads were once just rock roads. If they receive a couple dozen vehicle’s a day it’s a lot. These roads once made traveling with a passenger car a slow cautious process. Now you can breeze through with ease. Just pay attention to the rain ditches and you’ll be fine. So what’s the big deal about all the road videos? Progress my dear subscribers it’s PROGRESS!

While Cabrera will never become over populated and I can also assure you that (at least in my lifetime) you’re never going to see any fast food franchises here, there’s no denying the progress has maintained a steady ratio, a ratio not operating on an unsustainable path. It’s a place where folks who like the slow pace flourish.

Take a quick ride with me and discover the latest areas that are opening up to progress. Progress in sustainable amounts is good. If you’re at a time in your life when you’re questioning what’s next. You’ve raised the kids and there on their own, if you’re tired of living indoors during those long cold winter months you owe it to yourself to at least check this place out.

Above all if you miss the way things used to be, if saying hello on a passing path doesn’t receive strange cold expressions, rather quite the opposite it renders a smile and a friendly greeting you need to at least visit here. Most we’ve hosted have been very happy they did. We know this to be true as several now call Cabrera home. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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