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5/13/2017 Prep Work Begins on Naranjito Road

Naranjito is a great little area located just outside of Cabrera. We love the peaceful surroundings, friendly locals and unrushed atmosphere, yet it’s location is just minutes away from central Cabrera. For almost two years we’ve been informing the folks who visit us that the rock road was going to be paved. As many of our viewers know following a greatly improved infrastructure will escalate an appreciation not only of the land but of the home values as well. Well it’s happening! Come along and take this short yet informative drive as I cover the progress. For informative videos of the entire DR emphasizing Cabrera and its surrounding areas why not subscribe to both the Something Feels Wrong and DR Escapes YouTube Channels. Both provide you with an upfront close even personal perspective of what this great region has to offer.

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