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3/22/2019 Infrastructure in Cabrera and Rio San Juan continues expansion

Our main objective on the Something Feels Wrong YouTube channel is to keep our subscribers up to date with the latest developments in the region surrounding the quaint little North Coast town of Cabrera. It’s a passion Liane, Johnny and I really enjoy. With that in mind it’s time to release the latest development in the regions infrastructure. Liane managed to edit out a small section of our previous video which was done about one month prior. It gives the viewer and excellent before and after so you could really appreciate the differences. They’ve just finished another road spanning from Abreu to Rio San Juan. Actually a few of the folks we assisted in their relocation mentioned how beautiful the 25 minute drive is. I have to admit it does yield some pristine views. So as things continue to develop why not take the time and enjoy the endless expanding thoroughfares. A herd of cows might be the only gridlock you’ll be facing. ENJOY NATURAL surroundings after all it’s what most are here for, or at least should be. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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