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3/2/2017 Back Country Roads – Los Cacaos to Puzohonda

What started out as an afternoon of shooting “B” roll for future videos actually developed into an informative conversation. I recently spent the afternoon with our friends Kirk and Jasmine. While shooting various scenes for future videos together we were shooting the breeze having a good chat together. While sharing their personal experiences about their future relocation to Cabrera without knowing it we actually covered some great points. Together we touched on what it’s like for a younger family to relocate, a family with a two year old daughter. We touched on how long they’ve been dreaming of this, what the schools are like, how they feel it’s not necessary to be retired or even wealthy to make such a move. According to them planning is imperative. Both adhere to the fact it’s the pre-planning that determines the success. I’m confident you’ll gather some excellent viewpoints so you avoid heading up the chapter in the book of life that’s titled don’t let this happen to you.

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