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11/03/2019 Cabrera’s Newest Hotel & Restaurant “Mira Cielo”

When first settling to Cabrera and after taking the necessary time to detox from the former stresses of living in fast paced cultures, that define who you are by what you own and do, one of my first desires was this. I’d hoped that the quaint friendly town of Cabrera would eventually be seeing small cozy lodgings the likes of what opened a little over two months ago the Mira Cielo Hotel. In my humble opinion this type of lodging is representative of exactly what Cabrera needs. Provided of course as with any business, it is managed properly and remains open minded to change. Cabrera isn’t the same as it was years prior, time waits for no one. However if these kinds of small businesses continue popping up, a variety of unique small businesses that fill Cabrera’s widening gaps Cabrera should be able to maintain its small town feel yet prosper rather nicely. We all win because soon enough we all reap the rewards of variety that’s close at hand. A mediocre idea at the right time is always better than the best idea at the wrong time. Cabrera currently has cavities of opportunity that need filling. Think don’t follow. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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