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4/29/2018 Boca Beach to Graveyard Beach

On the last segment of this mini-series I take a rarely used old sand road that will connect Boca Beach to Graveyard Beach. Graveyard Beach seems to be the popular choice when Liane and her friends get together for a ladies day. Every week or ten days they seem to untie on this as their destination and why not, it’s beautiful.

For all who enjoy privacy when going to the beach the folks who like packing the cooler and plastic chairs this strip is tailor made for you. One thing’s for sure you’ll always be secluded on this old strip of sand road. It’s an area where we’ve cooked on wood many times. A place where parties have started midday and run well into the evening. We just like the isolated areas best, but again that’s subjective to what we like.

One of the many reasons why I like to shoot various scenes across the entire country, it’s also why I cover a wide range of subject matter. The reason is because we’re subjective by nature. We all like different things and we all have different tastes. It’s how we’re wired. I understand this deeper than most and is a strong cause why so many who meet us say we’re as laid back as an ironing board. There’s no reason for pressure. If something inside feels right about any place you’ll know it, however the only way to determine that is by placing yourself in the desired area and seeing for yourself just how it feels. Hope you all enjoyed these videos I sure had fun making them for you.

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