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11/1/2018 New Paved Roads are Expanding the Region Around Cabrera Part 1

In efforts of keeping you all in the loop the next few videos will be covering all the new paved roads appearing in the region. Yes the region surrounding Cabrera is developing at a nice maintainable pace. I remember mentioning about four year prior that you should expect to see the outlying regions receiving several new paved roads prior to the next election. Our elections similar to other nations run on a four year basis and it’s normal to see this occurring about one year prior. I suppose it’s a promotional tool used by the party in power at the time. In any case the folks who’ve purchased in these areas have just seen an uptick in value. Generally raw land increases handsomely when there are fresh paved roads rather than dirt or rock roads leading to them. It’s hard to fathom that just one week prior I was traveling these same roads in 2nd gear. Now it’s off to the races. What was a 25 minute ride has just been trimmed to less than ten. Join us as we first visit an area that we’ll be developing in the near future. From there we’ll take you on a tour of some of the many new roads in our surrounding areas. Who knows with all these new smooth asphalt roads I might finally be able to turn off my camera stabilizers.

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