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6/20/2017 El Saltadero de Cabrera

Saltadero de Cabrera is a natural monument in the heart of the promontory of Cabrera. The waterfall is protected by a rainforest. Often you will see a group of young locals jump from the top into the freshwater pool and then climb back up the rock cliff to do it all over again. The town has made improvements in the area with a pedestrian bridge crossing over to the other side that leads you to the new stairs going down to the freshwater pool for those who want to swim and not jump. They have also added restrooms and the railings which are still under construction. It’s only a 2 minute drive from downtown Cabrera. Taking the road Brisa Del Atlántico off the main Highway will lead you straight to the waterfall. Once there you can certainly feel a temperature difference, which is refreshing during the summer months.

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