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5/3/2019 International Boulevard Inauguration in Cabrera Part 1

Last weekend the town of Cabrera celebrated the opening of what’s being christened International Boulevard Dr. Ramon Arturo Perez Dalmasi. Several key speakers along with Mayor Jorge Cavoli headed up an hour long inauguration christening the enhanced entrance to the town. Approaching from the Nagua direction, residents and visitors alike now enjoy a welcoming boulevard draped with flags from all over the world. It’s a nice touch that reconfirms the following. Cabrera is an International Town! Make no mistake about it Cabrera is definitely an international town.

This video goes out to all the Cabrereños working in foreign lands as well as all the foreign folks who like to stay in the Cabrera loop. Small-town gatherings like this are just one more reason why I say “Cabrera is like Mayberry with internet”. It reminds us of how it used to be. Until Next time, Barry in DR.

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