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01/02/2018 Housing construction is on the rise in Cabrera, DR

I recently received a request from one of our subscribers. They thought it would be a good idea if I filmed some of the construction currently underway around the town of Cabrera. I took a couple of hours and just drove around the various neighborhoods. I simply snapped a few pictures of the homes currently under construction. Actually it surprised me on the amount I found. Just about every street I ventured out on had some homes on the build. The variety was encouraging. I found homes ranging from the high end to what most would term starter homes. I purposely left out our projects in Loma Alta as I wanted to represent that the building is happening over the entire area. However now that titles have transferred I do expect several more home sites will commence throughout 2018. I’ll be making a series of informative videos covering a wide range of topics sure to be of interest for all those who are considering Cabrera as a future home. Looking forward to meeting all the new and 2nd time visitors, so in the meantime stay tuned to both sites. It’s the best way to stay in the know. Wishing you all health and an open mind going forward. Make 2018 the year you convert dreams into realities. As Einstein once said “nothing happens till something moves” so move your dreams into realities. Make 2018 a year of movement. Until next time.

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