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6/26/2017 Naranjito Road Work Update

About a month prior I made a YouTube featuring the progress on the soon to be paved Naranjito road. At that time I mentioned when time allowed I’d make a second video covering the progress. As summer is the slow time in Cabrera I had that chance. Take a ride with me only progressing from the opposite side. The culverts are in and the future bridge crossing is about 50% complete. After sorting out some growing pains it looks like over the next two months we all should be able to enjoy the paving done throughout the little town of Naranjito. Those who want to stay connected to the latest developments around the region of Cabrera what better way than subscribing to both the Something Feels Wrong and DR Escapes YouTube Channels. Both feature different topics and videos. Over the next few weeks I’ll be out and about the country. Get ready for a whole new series of interesting videos. We finally received our new equipment and you’re gonna love the upgrade in viewing quality.

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