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1/31/2017 Samana/El Catey Int’l Airport to Playa Los Gringos Beach

Recently while dropping off two great couples returning to Canada, I thought I’d video a beautiful beach on my return trip. One of almost countless beaches, this one is located just outside of Nagua. Nagua is a bustling city boasting about 115,000 in population and the beach is called Los Gringos. As with all of the beaches in our region aside from holiday’s or weekends you’ll never find them crowded and Los Gringos is no acceptation. Why not accompany me as I’m heading down the carretera back to my home town of Cabrera. Stay tuned as we’ll be creating several new and interesting videos showing why we (and a growing number of others) chose the Dominican Republic as our place and the region of Cabrera located on the north coast as our home. Until next time this is Barry in DR

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