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4/8/2018 For a great day of family fun check out DR Eco Adventures

I received an invite from a friend to come on down and Meet Francisco better known as Francis. Francis is the owner of a 700 plus acres property. Over the past couple of years Francis has developed this property into what’s become one of the most unique ways to enjoy a day in nature. It’s called DR Eco Adventures. I’m often asked what ideas can I offer for folks who want to spend some time in our region, what’s there to see and of course what is available for the family to enjoy. For all viewers who enjoy things like horseback riding in nature and riding on a secluded beach might want to check out DR Eco Adventures. If kayaking, paddle boarding and cycling is your kind of thing then this is your place. For larger groups they can even arrange for a local cooked lunch, it’s a total package. The staff speaks Spanish, English, French and German so communicating is never an issue. After getting to know Francis I can say if the family wants to experience a day of sun and fun surrounded by nature with a slight hint of adventure then DR Eco Adventures might just be the ticket you’ve been looking for. We’ll continue promoting local businesses and activities all around the region but nothing can take the place of actually being here.

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