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05/09/2020 The Inevitable Food Shortages Have Begun

As I watch this video for the first time it’s hard to believe this is what lies ahead for much of the world’s citizenry. While this video is from the state of Virginia the same scenarios are found all over the Internet and they’re arriving from every country imaginable. The inevitable shortages have begun. Make no mistake none of this ever had to happen. No it was planned and brought to you by your bought and paid for public officials. They flee to their million dollar safe havens while many of you will soon be waiting in line like these poor folks.

I ask those of you who heeded some advice from the many quality alternate sites out there about stocking the basics are glad you heeded. The past ridicule received from the ignorant doesn’t seem to have the same effect now does it? Stocking simple easy to obtain things like physical cash, non-perishables, UHT dairy products, a few bullets and first aid all seems to make a whole lot more sense right about now WHY… because even the ignorant can’t blindside it any longer.

Kinda funny how the jeering has all but come to a halt. Soon enough just as the mentors said they would will be arriving at your door. They’ll kindly be reminding you on how important you said it was for them to stock up a bit. At that point they’ll confirm you were right and they were wrong. You won the game is over. The games over you can share now… only it never was a game. They just took it in that sort of context back not so long ago when they thought you were the fool. Sometimes a mirror is a handy thing to carry when someone is trying to point out who is a fool.

The last time we spoke together the mentors agreed it’s come time to unhook just one boxcar of our train and leave it at the COVID station. Except for major developments relayed to us by subscribers or boots on the ground individuals we mentors feel if by now they haven’t got it they won’t. Its rapidly approaching the point of being futile.  Like attempting to teach a dog a card trick they’ll sit there and stare but nothing is being comprehended.

Just in case there are any late arrivals we want them to be comfortable and have some reading material. They’ll have to catch up on their own the rest of the train must move along. We have to pull out of that COVID-19 station.  All aboard next stop is the station called shortages. Until next time, Barry in DR.


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