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07/1/20 California Journalist John Ziegler’s 2 Minutes Speech at Ventura County Board

I’m sure by now a sizable portion of our readers have no doubt already seen this video of California talk show host and journalist John Ziegler. From January 2004 to November 2007 Ziegler hosted the popular talk show “The John Ziegler Show” which aired evenings from 7-10 PM. He’s also a documentary film writer/director, and of course a journalist. Currently, he is the host of a Sunday evening radio program, the John and Leah Show, which is nationally syndicated and as of 2016 is considered the 99th most influential talk shows by Talkers Magazine.

A long time spokesman for human rights Ziegler’s recent 2 minute speech captured the attention and support of millions. More and more people are waking up to the cold hard facts that this whole thing was completely blown out of proportion for other reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with the a virus.

As you can see in the video John’s two minutes of brilliance is founded on well documented factual information. Seriously most folks don’t even know why a surgeon even wears a mask. The overwhelming majority dawning masks are unaware of the cold hard fact that the atom of not just the COVID-19 but any coronavirus is almost 100 times smaller than the material of any over the counter mask, so why would anyone even consider it?

The answers are long but basically stem from three areas. The first zone is ignorance. Refusing to do your own independent research and simply believing what you are repeatedly told by any form of public media. The second fact is Ignorance inevitably morphs into fear and third. Support by our bought and paid for elected officials. In simpler terms it called Corruption!

There’s not a chance in hell this vital information will receive the slightest attention from our bought and paid for criminals lurking and hiding behind those senseless masks. They are the masks of corruption and as the Mentors have been saying for a long time now, beware of the people still wearing the masks. They do no research therefore are ignorant. Each day that passes it seems that their fears being amplified by the constant exposure to false information. Soon the laws that begin to make things mandatory will begin to take effect. So what will you do? The time’s fast approaching when you’ll have to take a stand. Which will you choose, which choice will you be willing to fight for? The wedge’s been getting deeper for decades and soon enough the divide will be completed. Choose wisely, the fate of all that humanity is based upon depends on it. Until next time, Barry in DR.


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