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06/07/2021 Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Emails Confirms Our May 2020 Blogpost

Link to our blogpost from May 2020:  https://www.somethingfeelswrong.com/aiovg_videos/05-07-2020-dr-judy-mikovits-the-plandemic-movie/

Yet again it’s those who study the trends that find themselves months ahead of those simply following the propaganda. Recently a myriad of emails originating from Anthony Fauci’s account were released to the public. This action followed a preliminary investigation and was initiated by the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) rulings.

What experts were first calling a zoonosis type of virus (from animal to human) quickly, well perhaps not so quickly (1.5 years later) has recently taken a sharp 180 degree about face. What now stands as a man-made lab created metamorphosis was actually known for being lab created years prior to its release.

Heck we even first exposed it way back on May 8th of 2020! That’s when I first introduced you to the book authored by Dr. Judy Mikovits titled Plague of Corruption. To the informed the name Mikovits speaks volumes in both knowledge and creditability. Mikovits was one of Dr. Fauci’s key scientists back in the earlier days. If you haven’t read Plague of Corruption yet you won’t be able to appreciate the volumes of clear sensible facts that also coincide perfectly with the dates of each incident. Liars always trap themselves with either geography or by date. These fit both categories like a finely tailored suit. Trust me and just read the book it contains ground breaking information! Everyone should read it.

What should be earth shattering news is how the released emails clearly implicate Dr. Fauci had information that was credible concerning a leak from the lab in Wuhan. It also shows that there was funding provided by Dr. Fauci and the U.S. Government to this lab over in Wuhan. Furthermore it was also revealed that this virus was in fact engineered in the U.S. and upon being investigated suddenly disappeared only to reappear in a lab over in Wuhan China a little less than a month later.

Every email released to the public contains bits of information proving without much room for doubt that Dr. Fauci did in fact play a key role in the development of the current virus and all the damage it’s caused. This has created serious manifestations in his creditability from the get go. You know if it smells like a fish…

Even though the released emails revealed Dr. Fauci was a key player in the initial development both in the U.S. and in China, it’s only after being caught using a lab on a military base within the U.S. that quickly relocated the project to Wuhan less than a month later. However here’s the money question. Will any of this new information change minds?

Will these recently released information bombshells have much of an impact on changing people’s minds? If I’m being totally honest with you, I fear it won’t! As it stands a large percentage of the people’s minds have already been programmed. For many this means being bound in fear. They can no longer recognize or for that matter rationalize any other reaction. Therefore being proactive is now out of the question.

With this newly released information even the masses have no excuse to remain ignorant. Because of the freedoms of information act this man-made hoax has taken on an entirely different angle. There’s zero credibility left in all who’ve made themselves self-proclaimed experts. Still rest assured they’ll be two things that follow. First they’ll be another divide between was Dr. Fauci involved or not and second the majority will remain locked in fear still believing the propaganda. Until next time, Barry in DR.


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