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11/13/2020 The Tales of Two Wolves

I recently was linked to a video created by a person who goes by the YouTube name of Johnny Bigger. The text under the link said “Barry I’ve been watching your videos about 3 years now. For the most part you’re spot on and I think this is right up your alley” For me is a common occurrence to have caring subscribers sending in material in all forms. From video to emails we receive information several ways and as with most I’ll somehow find the time to squeeze in at least a preview. Well I was so impressed that I had to watch it several times. The information was spot on the money. It’s been what I’ve done my best at attempting to bring forth as being the one true underlying problem we’re all facing. Everything else is just a part of the same tree while Johnny Bigger describes the seed. Everything is contained in the seed. It is what must be nourished in order for anything else to grow. It reminded me of a fable that my Grandfather used to tell e when I was about four years old. It was called the tale of two wolves. I never recommend and so I’m not going to do so. However I will suggest that our near 20,000 subscribers check out and subscribe to this channel. I’ve checked out several of his videos and found them to be on a high frequency when compared to similar channels. I close in asking which wolf are you feeding? Until next time, Barry in DR.


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