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06/21/2021 Is the Covid Scam Dissolving?

I was recently sent another Bitchute video from Max Igan.  All four of us mentors have been long time subscribers to Igan’s Bitchute channel TheCrowhouse. A big salute goes out to the true warriors who spend countless hours revealing what’s been occulted from the masses.

Not all that long ago we used to follow Igan on his YouTube channel of the same name but somehow he too seems to have pissed off some community along with its guidelines. Personally I find it kind of funny how none of us labeled as offenders ever get to know which community it is that we offended. (kidding)

By now it should be common knowledge that whatever information representing truth has long since been removed. This holds true on all public platforms. To receive information in an unbiased manner the only choice is peer to peer platforms. The rest is nothing more than repeated propaganda.

It might be a good point to remember that a plot is the chain of connected events that make up a narrative. Since recorded history first began every town had what were called wise men or storytellers. While these people were respected by the majority as being intelligent citizens of their communities their hidden agenda was to promote specific agendas or preset the stage for things to come (narrative).

These storytellers would reenact what actually occurred by reconverting it into one of storytelling’s major pillars. They might even have been the forefathers of symbolism which is a language all of its own. Symbolism should be required learning for every human being on this planet. Until next time, Barry in DR.


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