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6/17/2016 Interview with Licelotte Minaya from Guzman Ariza on Immigration

While in the Capitol attending to some business I thought it would be the perfect time to spend an hour with our immigration attorney Licelotte Minaya. Mrs. Minaya is head of the immigration division over at the Guzman Ariza law firm. Guzman Ariza is one of the oldest and best recognized law firms in the country. Founded in 1927 Guzman Ariza has established the necessary connections that are required when dealing with the various challenges associated in conjunction with business, legal and immigration matters. Their decade’s long experience seems to dovetail smoothly towards a positive outcome for their clients. Join me as I address some of the most commonly asked questions about what’s involved in seeking immigration in the Dominican Republic. If interested in receiving a free consultation call to determine if becoming a resident or citizen of the Dominican Republic might be right for you and your family simply click on the large Dominican flag located on every page of the site. Mrs. Minaya will respond within 24 hours.

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