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2/15/2018 A Few Last Thoughts on Immigration

On what will be my final video in this series I’ll discuss a couple more often overlooked options for qualifying. I briefly discuss the options of Special skills and of a Work visa. I caution my younger viewers to understand that doors will eventually open if you’re the right person. Like so often I’ll use my analogy of “don’t try to see the view from the top of the staircase” When you’re still on the ground try to understand with each step comes new views. Views that you weren’t able to see from the previous landing, so try to take it one step at a time. Remember it’s not a destination it’s a journey.

I then transfer into the subject what will the actual costs run and what’s involved in going through the process. We scroll a graph of the various prices obtained from averaging out three firms. Prices don’t seem to vary all that much but caution should be exercised if fees are coming in substantially higher OR LOWER! As with everything you get what you pay for. When searching for immigration attorneys it’s imperative you remember the Good, Fast, Cheap rules of business. If it Good and Fast it won’t be cheap. If it’s Fast and Cheap it won’t be very good. Mix them up anyway you want but you only get two out of three. Price and value are two different entities.

I close off with informing you where to find a list of all the documents you’ll need along with a few key point to consider. After all it’s you whose doing the leg work your selected firm does not. In closing I hope this series of videos have at least given you an unbiased view of the entire process and perhaps more importantly. IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?

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