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2/7/2018 Important Updates on Immigration

If a person’s looking at relocation as a future option I suppose a logical place to begin would be looking into what are the immigration requirements of that country. While I’m no expert on the subject and I’m certainly not an immigration attorney over the past six plus years have referred over 1400 files to various sources. Out of that number several have gone on and completed the transition. In that amount of time and with such vast numbers you’d figure a person had to have learned something, right?

In this first video I’ll briefly touch on the changes of what will be required in obtaining your residency visa. The first part of the process that must be done and approved before going further is being approved for a residency visa and the requirements in this area have changed hugely! You’ll want to pay close attention to this part of our first video.

On a personal note it pains me that for over six years I’ve been warning folks that these changes will become a reality. Soon will end the days of breezing into a country and living life under a palm tree. For many that I’ve toured with, many that fell in love with our region for those who didn’t listen to me when I mentioned “at least start the process you’ll be grandfathered in” if the requirements change for them time’s run out. Many I know under these new requirements will no longer qualify. The new requirements for obtaining a residency visa are almost entirely based on residual income.

The country shifted and is now looking for people possessing investments and or retirement based residual income and this represents the new stumbling block for many. On future videos I’ll be covering thought provoking areas like do I need residency, what are the advantages of a second passport, will I ever even use it and what to consider before even applying. I’m confident almost everyone who takes the time in watching these videos will at least learn something new. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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