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2/9/2018 Things to Consider Before Pursuing Residency

In this the 2nd video I dive in a bit deeper.  I’ll touch on a few areas so often overlooked until after you’ve already made your final immigration decision. I revisit why I feel it’s mandatory owning at least two passports. An exit strategy, an extra queen on the board, a get out of jail card call it what you will just so long as your entire family has one.  I’ll recap how it’s a vital part to everyone’s sovereignty.

I’ll provide some thought provoking instances regarding should I even have a DR residency or citizenship. Is it worth it for ME? I’ll briefly touch on how easy it is to legally stay in the country by simply extending your tourist visa. For many this might prove to be the best option.

Other areas of interest such as will I ever even use this passport? Probably Not and I’ll explain why. I round off this second video by bringing up the subject what if you already have two passports and why this should be a concern specifically to American citizens. My conclusion is DR residency is not for everybody. Just one more example of how everything’s a various shade of grey. On the final video I’ll discuss what are the costs and my final conclusion.

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