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6/2/2016 What’s it been like for the folks that have relocated?

Join me as I attempt to explain what’s it been like for the people who’ve relocated here. In this segment I’ll provide a few examples of what we’ve learned from the many that have relocated to our region. I’ll be discussing a few of the cases we’ve encountered along with their successes and of those who’ve moved on to other areas of the DR and even onto other countries. In extreme cases some even returning back to the very location they were trying to escape from in the first place.

I’ll be discussing the advantages of speaking multiple languages. I attempt getting parents to understand the vital importance that their children do speak more than one language and for what reasons. I’ll compare those who have lived in several countries verses those who have not. I’ll attempt to shed some light on the many differences between being in the military or in a religious group in another country verses actually living on your own in another country. In closing I’ll touch on the importance of embracing change rather than just unpacking your suitcase in a different location and what’s been my greatest lesson of all. Off the hundreds of people we’ve met it seems the ones who call themselves open minded are the tightest sealed drums in the refinery.

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