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Congratulations on taking the first step towards expanding your options.  When filling out this form it’s imperative you understand that you ARE NOT committing yourself to anything.  All you are doing is letting us know there is an interest of a future visit.  Experience has taught us that it’s best for both parties to have one or two prior conversations before committing to anything.

An additional bit of information that experience has imparted on us, is that our lifestyle and schedule is probably considerably more flexible than yours.  After all it’s one of the reasons we chose to live this lifestyle in the first place.  We understand between work, vacation, kids and a host of other time demands, it sometimes can feel like fitting that last piece of a jigsaw puzzle to make this tour work.  However sometimes it’s that last piece which creates a totally different perspective only to reveal exactly what’s been missing.  Many of our guests have come to find that to be absolutely a true statement.

Our tour is typically 5 days 4 nights.  With the first and last days being airport pick up and drop off, it leaves 3 full days of discovering our region of the DR.  These are full days which often evolve into evenings together, sharing information over dinner with local and expat friends. On several occasions we even share company with some of the families we’ve already assisted in making a positive change in discovering better ways and more peaceful lifestyles here in the DR.  In any event we’ll show you more in these five days that you’ll discover on your own in months and no two tours are ever the same.

Since we’re working off of your schedules, there’s no saying if we’ll be touring privately or together with other families.  If a private tour is required, just let us know it’s not a problem to accommodate.  The airports of Puerto Plata and Samana (El Catey) work best for us. Santo Domingo and Santiago airports will work, but will require us to arrange transportation. We’ll fill you in on approximate costs during one of our conversations.

Cabrera is a cliff side town known for being less touristy.  It hosts some nice little family hotels featuring all the amenities.  WiFi is readily available and is also featured in most of Cabrera’s restaurants.  Just ask for the security code.  There are also some families that have extra rooms or town houses, so there’s a decent choice of lodging ranging from $35.00 per night.  Winter is much harder to find accommodations, so please book your winter season trip plans as early as possible.

By providing as much information as possible and taking the time to answer all of the questions, will allow our team to make your experience not only informative perhaps even life changing!  Many of the previous folks we’ve met already have.

When you fill out the application we’ll get back to you by email and set up a time to start chatting together.  It’s that easy. No pressure no hassle just take it all in and maybe you just found what you’ve been looking for.  If “something feels wrong” where you’re currently residing, this is well worth your time looking into. We’ll be seeing you soon.

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