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Continuing further into our excursion while enjoying one of the most beautiful scenes on the SW coast I made an innocent comment about how much I enjoyed my Alduino Maduro cigar last night. Soon after Alduino being a professional in the business began to explain the different wrappers being used on his most popular sellers. [...]

Last night ended late with an incredible Italian meal prepared by the owner of the hotel. Actually Johnny made a comment it was the best bolognesa sauce he had ever tasted. Since Johnny’s travelled all around Europe that say’s something. Of course we ended the night by swapping stories while consuming a large bottle of [...]

I want to take a moment and introduce you to a property we recently allocated. It’s over 8 ¾ acres and located 32km (20 miles) from downtown Cabrera and 15km (9.3 miles) from Rio San Juan.  It’s a very quiet area located near Gaspar Hernandez, just a jaunt off of Hwy 5.  The property features [...]

One of our most valued experiences from doing the “Something Feels Wrong” YouTube channel is the percentage of folks who began as clients but evolved into friends. Such is the case with Gary and Edilia. Liane and I first met them on one of our discovery excursions in 2013. During the outing it was obvious [...]

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